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Being patriotic is more than loving America.

It's doing your share in keeping it Free, Just and Prosperous.
Let's All get Involved, Research the Issues that are important to you and Vote.
Your opinion matters.... let it be heard.... VOTE!!


Choosing our next President shouldn’t be a popularity contest.

The 2008 election campaign is being run more as a High School popularity contest among the candidates than an election for a WISE and VISIONARY LEADER that will be able to face and solve the issues that have been ailing America.

We deserve to hear how the candidates are going to address issues like the Economy, National Debt, Health Care, War in Iraq, weak Dollar, Gas, our Environment, etc.

As Americans we need to bring these issues to the foreground by spreading the word among ALL Americans about the severity of our current situation.  
Get Informed!!  Talk politics with your family and friends, Think-then-Vote.