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Thanks! was created with the purpose of bringing politics to the forefront.

Political talk is not and shouldn’t be treated as taboo or rude conversation.  On the contrary, it should be a welcomed and interesting topic.
Issues like the National Debt, Government Spending, War, and Oil Prices, have a profound impact in our daily lives. Why are these topics only brought to the table 30 days before election day?
After the election these issues are placed on a dark corner where no one knows if they’re being addressed as promised or ignored or placed on the back burner.

Having an opinion or being political is NOT a character fault, quite on the contrary, it shows YOU care!!!! You care about America, for what America stands for and for the future of America and its children.

Discussing the issues that impact our present and future allows us to set real expectations for our elected officials and hold them accountable for their work and promises down the road.  We need to allow ourselves to talk about America’s issues with family and friends.

In a time where both economists and politicians agree that this is the closest we’ve ever been to the Great Depression, no one can afford staying away from politics. Lets all get involved, read and research the issues.
Lets all cast an educated vote, we owe it to America and our children.   -   UPA!
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 Photography Credit 
Our thanks to Mike Sarino who shot all photos while Hurricane Ike was visiting Dallas, TX.
During and after the project Mike displayed high commitment, creativity and professionalism.
If you need a great photographer call Mike, he's the best!!!

Mike Sarino Photography.-
Mike Sarino is a freelance photographer in DFW, TX.
Cell:  817-875-6478