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Get Involved....Vote!!

As a proud American be sure to register to vote and cast your opinion on which candidate will help our country grow.

Register to vote at:

Voter Registration Deadline:

Find a voting center close to you: 2008 Voter Info

Help the young and elderly by showing them where to register and/or taking them to vote, show them how their voice can be heard. Today more than ever our country needs us!

Concerned about the future of the America?  Besides voting what can you do?

Get involved, research the issues that are important to you and help educate your friends and family about their importance and impact on Americas future if these issues remain unattended.  Buy a t-shirt that addresses the issues that are important to you and help spread the word!

Remember the absence of citizen involvement carries a cost; governments have a freer hand to operate without much public scrutiny.  Get involved, set expectations, set a bar, hold your elected officials accountable.

Who are the people who vote?

Education is the most critical variable. As their educational level increases, individuals develop a stronger sense of civic duty and a greater interest in, and knowledge of, politics.

Who participates in politics is an important issue. Because those who participate are likely to have more political influence than those who do not. Higher education is the single most important factor in producing a high degree of participation. Older persons and men are also likely to be active. Blacks participate more than whites of equal socioeconomic status.

Lets work to change these facts!!! Higher participation of women and minorities is needed to have everyone’s voices heard!